Lucky U Ranch Producers


Ginia Desmond (Executive Producer)

Although Ginia Desmond has been writing screenplays for many years, the role of  producer was never on her radar until Lucky U Ranch presented the opportunity.  Knowing little about what’s involved, besides making sure checks don’t bounce, she surrounded herself with a great team of professionals. During her decade of optioning scripts, meeting filmmakers, working with other screenwriters and producers, she discovered she knew a lot of the right people, who in turn knew others willing to come on board.  “ Growing Pains,” the screenplay Lucky U Ranch is based on, won a Silver at the Page International Screenplay Awards.  Producing a second feature is yet to be determined, but Ginia will never stop writing.  She holds a MFA in Studio Art from the University of Arizona, and founded an import company she ran for 25 years. Read About My Story




Douglas Raine (Producer)

Doug is a 30 year veteran of the film industry.  As member of the Directors Guild of America for 25 years, he has performed the duties of Director, Assistant Director, Writer, 2nd Unit Director, and Producer. Credits range from large-budget Studio Productions to low-budget Independents and include over 30 Feature films such as; Starman, The Program, The Ghost and the Darkness, and Reign of Fire. Doug directed, wrote and produced numerous award-winning shorts, an award-winning feature and satirical commercials for Saturday Night Live.